Dog Adventure Days

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#DogAdventureDays #DogChaperone #StAustell #Truro #Newquay #Cornwall

Our popular alternative to doggy day care

Our 'Dog Adventure Day'  dog walking service has been added due to popular requests from clients requiring enhanced exercise options with varied stimuli for their dogs as an alternative to doggy day care, where they have found some dogs remaining in the same location all day, every day, can experience a lack of natural and varied stimulation or become overwhelmed by the intensity of high numbers of dogs in a single location. 

Our 'Dog Adventure Day' covers a minimum 6 hour adventure for your dog/s to include collection,  guaranteed minimum 3 x 60 minute group walks in varied locations with our friendly dog walkers across stunning Cornwall to incorporate walks in forest land, beaches, open spaces, trails and river paths, ensuring maximum stimulation & variety with safe transport between all locations, as well as return home. 

Find our 'Dog Adventure Day' services in your area:

  • Dog adventure day in St Austell
  • Dog adventure day in Truro
  • Dog adventure day in Newquay
  • Dog adventure day in Cornwall 

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#DogsPlus #Dogwalker #Dogwalks 
#DogAdventureDays #DogChaperone #StAustell #Truro #Newquay #Cornwall

Whats included?

  • Collection in am (approximately 10.30 am)**
  • Exercise (Walk, run, play, sniff, explore, fun)
  • Rest Breaks 
  • Socialisation (Make friends, experience new  things,  people, places and continue to develop into a well balanced dog)
  • Stimulation (varied, smells, textures, terrain)
  • Varied locations to explore
  • Fresh Drinking Water (Stainless steel bowls)
  • Treats (Subject to your agreement / dogs dietary needs)
  • We will shower your pooch (to remove any mud or sand and return them as clean as possible)
  • Lots of fuss and attention (Force free, positive reward techniques used, with lots of love and strokes) 
  • Daily updates and photos (to reassure you of your pets safety and keep you up to date with your pets adventures)
  • Transport in climate controlled vehicles (Ensuring safe temperatures all year round)
  • Return home in pm (approx: 4.30 pm - 5 pm)**
  • ** Collection & Return - T.B.C subject to location**  

#DogsPlus #Dogwalker #Dogwalks 
#DogAdventureDays #DogChaperone #StAustell #Truro #Newquay #Cornwall

Suitable for:

Those who require a full days fun with extended exercise for their pooch. Friendly, fit & able dogs , high energy dogs, balanced & well socialised dogs, dogs with good recall, puppies over 12 months* - (Subject to breed and growth plates*)

Visiting Cornwall with your dog/s?

Contact us to book a Dog Adventure day to ensure your dogs are left in safe hands whilst you soak in the scenery or visit one of Cornwall's many amazing attractions.


Puppies under 12 months (S.T.C), Mature/Elderly dogs who are easily tired, aggressive / fearful dogs or bitches in season