Dog Walking

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A house is not a home without a dog

With over 9.4 million households across the U.K owning a dog we realise that whilst we'd love nothing more than to snuggle up with them or go on exciting walks, taking in the beautiful Cornish scenery, the reality of life means that isn't always possible. Most of us work, have other commitments or have health conditions which mean we are not always able to walk our dogs as much as we would like. 

#DogsPlus #Dogwalker #Dogwalks 
#DogWalkerinCornwall #DogWalkerinStAustell #Truro #Newquay #Cornwall

Group Dog Walks

Our group walks are ideal if your pooch loves to explore and play in the company of others. Our group walk dogs are taken in small, friendly groups for a full hour of fun and frolics! 

Want your dog to enjoy some off lead time? 

No problem. 

All we need is your written consent and for your dog to pass our own off lead assessment to ensure that your dogs recall is reliable and safe. 

#DogsPlus #Dogwalker #Dogwalks 
#DogWalkerinCornwall #DogWalkerinStAustell #Truro #Newquay #Cornwall

Individual / Solo Dog Walks

If your dog prefers to have their own space, has a medical condition or would just prefer to have one of our walkers to themselves,then our one-to-one walks are for you. We offer  60 min one-to-one walks. These walks are available for clients who need a service outside of our usual group walk times. 

#DogsPlus #Dogwalker #Dogwalks 
#DogWalkerinCornwall #DogWalkerinStAustell #Truro #Newquay #Cornwall

Dogs Plus commitment to dog safety & care

We offer regular and ad-hoc, group and solo, dog walking services with fully insured dog walkers, so whether you need a regular service Monday to Friday or the occasional walk, we are here to help.

We place your dogs at the centre of everything we do.  To ensure the best possible care and welfare of your dogs, we at Dogs Plus:

  • Provide a full collection and drop off service for all walks
  • Transport dogs in line with animal welfare guidelines
  • Use climate controlled vehicles to ensure dogs never overheat when being transported
  • Are fully insured
  • Hold Clean 'Enhanced' DBS checks
  • Are canine first aid certified & carry a canine first aid kit
  • Ensure the best exercise for different breeds, on & off lead
  • Will never use nor condone the use of electric, spray, prong or choke collars 
  • Only ever place well balanced, socialised, good tempered dogs together
  • Always pick up, bag and responsibly dispose of all dog waste

#DogsPlus #Dogwalker #Dogwalks 
#DogWalkerinCornwall #DogWalkerinStAustell #Truro #Newquay #Cornwall

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