Puppy Care Services

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A New Puppy

Is one of the most exciting additions for any family. Puppies however, have weaker bladders than adult dogs and so it is important whilst house training your puppy that s/he is let outside regularly to go to the toilet. The more times your puppy successfully goes out side and the behaviour is positively rewarded, the quicker they will learn the appropriate place to do their business. On average, an 8 week old puppy should be able to hold its bladder for one to two hours, working towards a further hour for each month of your puppies age. Puppies also need positive contact, force free - positive rewards, socialisation and more frequent feeding. So, if you have to work or are going to be out of the house for longer than usual, our Puppy Care Service is for you! Dogs Plus provide highly rated puppy care services.

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#Dogwalker #PuppyCare #PetSit
#DogAdventureDays #DogChaperone #StAustell #Truro #Newquay #Cornwall

Our 30 minute Visits

Include us letting your puppy out for a toilet break, giving them meals, replenishing their water and most importantly giving them lots of socialisation, love, fuss and puppy care attention. All food, toys, and cleaning supplies must be provided.

#Dogwalker #PuppyCare #PetSit
#DogAdventureDays #DogChaperone #StAustell #Truro #Newquay #Cornwall


Once your puppy has received all of their puppy vaccinations, we offer extended puppy care services in St Austell, Truro, Newquay and surrounding areas, where our dog walking service is a perfect way to help socialise your puppy. Introducing them to a range of other breeds, animals, experiences, noises, people and places will help to develop them into a sociable, confident, well-adjusted dog.

Please note: Due to such popular demand, we have limited availability for this puppy care socialisation service. However, we will always try to accommodate you and your beautiful pup as best as we can.